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Military and Aerospace

EcoTec manufacture power modules for a number of weapons systems. Our modules include brushless DC motor drivers for use in smart weapons and un-manned aerial vehicles (UAV).
We also supply custom and standard power amplifiers for sonar applications.
For more details select the link above or contact EcoTec Systems at aerospace@amplifier.co.uk

Audio and Visual

EcoTec Systems manufacture a range of audio products and modules based upon our proprietary Class D amplifier technology. Our stand-alone products are for high end background music systems. We also supply Class D amplifier modules to other manufacturers who wish to utilise the advantages of Class D technology in their products.

Advantages of EcoTec Class D are:
- Low cost
- High efficiency
- High reliability
- Lightweight
- Half the size and weight of a linear Class AB design
- Compact size
- Able to operate with continuous sine wave input (FTC rating).

For more details select the link above or contact EcoTec Systems at audio@amplifier.co.uk

Sensors and Detectors

EcoTec specialise in custom detectors and sensor manufacture for security applications. We have a number of standard products targeted at security document authentication and retail theft deterrence.
For more details select the link the above or contact EcoTec Systems at sensors@amplifier.co.uk

EcoTec Systems Ltd, Bruntingthorpe Industrial Estate, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 5QZ   Tele 44 (0) 1162 479 794   Email: sales@amplifier.co.uk

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