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Military and Aerospace Division

High Power Class D Audio Amplifiers for use in Guided Weapons, Drone / Autonomous aircraft, Sonar buoys and sonar arrays

For more information, please contact: aerospace@amplifier.co.uk

Guided Weapons Drone Aircrafts

High efficiency, battery powered Class D motor control units
for fin actuation

High reliability motor control units
for flight surface actuations system

Sonar Buoys Sonar Systems

Class D amplifier modules
for sonar buoys up to 3KW

Class D amplifier modules
for towed array sonar systems

EcoTec Systems Ltd, Bruntingthorpe Industrial Estate, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 5QZ   Tele 44 (0) 1162 479 794   Email: sales@amplifier.co.uk

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