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Ecotec Class D Products at Musikmesse 2011 April 6 to 9, 2011

Ecotec Systems attended the recent Musikmesse show in Frankfurt.
We shared the booth of our distributor, Profusion plc. at Hall 8.0 Booth F02.


Update to Wide Dispersion Ceiling Speaker, (SDV1100-B-WD) Launched January 2011

A superior wide coverage ceiling speaker

1) Replaces up to four traditional ceiling speakers
2) Wide frequency response (80Hz to 20KHz)
3) Available in low impedance or 100V line formats


1) Retail background music systems
2) Bars, Restaurants, Night Club music systems
3) Home theatre
4) Business conferencing
5) Education

Wide dispersion ceiling speaker

Update to hand-held EAS TAG detector, (SDV1112-B) Launched October 2010

A hand-held EAS TAG (58KHz) which can be used for:

1) Retail stores to check TAG removal
2) Warehouses for sales stock preparation
3) Merchandise “shrinkage”

Hand held EAS detector

600W Plate Amplifier, (SDV1056-600) Launched September 2010

A complete audio amplifier for built-in application:

1) Audio power amplifier
2) Active speaker systems
3) Active sonar systems
4) Noise cancellation systems
5) Motor / magnet drive modules
6) Power conversion
7) UPS - sine wave inverter

600W Plate Amp

New Power Amplifier Module (PAM), (SDV1035-100) Launched May 2010

A complete audio amplifier for built-in applications:

1) Retail stores background music system
2) Restaurant and bars background music systems
3) Night clubs Music system
4) Home cinema systems

Power Amp Module

New input coupling transformer, (SDV1149-A) Launched February 2010

The “Swiss Army Knife” of coupling transformers. Designed for:

1) Background music systems
2) Music system extension/alterations
3) Hard drive/MP3 player isolation
4) Satellite TV audio signal isolation
5) Noise suppression in hi-fi systems
6) Signal coupling from 100V line speakers
7) Signal coupling from low impedance speakers

Coupling transformer

EcoTec Systems Ltd, Bruntingthorpe Industrial Estate, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 5QZ   Tele 44 (0) 1162 479 794   Email: sales@amplifier.co.uk

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